Tete De Chien T1


Josselin and Jehan are two knights errant. From tournament to tournament, rain or shine, they try to earn their living by triumphing over their adversary of the day. Paulin, Jehan's squire, accompanies them. Clever and resourceful, he proves invaluable. Like so many others, they are in search of fortune and glory. But there's one detail that sets them apart: under the hauberts, Jehan turns out to be a young woman...


Authors: Vincent Brugeas, Ronan Toulhoat, Yoann Guillo
Publisher: Dargaud
Year of publication: 2023
Dimensions : 22,1 cm × 28,9 cm × 1,7 cm
Number of pages : 133

Books, Comics
Tete De Chien T1
Tete De Chien T1