CD Tribute to our soldiers


Paying homage to soldiers who died in action is a duty of gratitude for their sacrifice, and this recording wants to offer ways to be associated with it. Military ceremonial has long incorporated funeral marches, but the ordinary religious liturgy had never been adapted to these particular circumstances. Without being specially dedicated to them, this military mass is therefore a first. Composed by the choirmaster Gérard Eiselé on melodies of parachutist songs, it is quite naturally adapted for a tribute to soldiers. It is completed by funeral songs accompanied, for some, by bugle and organ, and framed by two regulatory Funeral Marches rarely performed which give a solemn and collected tone to this recording. The Royal Chapel of Dreux and the forty choristers of the UNP-Centre Choir give this ensemble all the majesty and power required. This musical tribute is prefaced by Father Richard Kalka, chaplain of the paratroopers.

26 titles :
Sonnerie Aux morts ▪ Loin de chez nous ▪ La Prière du parachutiste ▪ J'avais un camarade ▪ Les combats de Tu Lê ▪ Para au rouge béret ▪ Ceux du Liban ▪ L'ancien ▪ Les Roses du parachutiste ▪ Djebels ▪ Motet pour le Souvenir francais ▪ Hymne à saint Michel ▪ Marche funèbre n°1 ▪ Kyrie ▪ Gloria ▪ Psaume 22 ▪ Psaume 137 ▪ Alleluia ▪ Prière universelle ▪ Sanctus ▪ Anamnèse ▪ Agnus Dei ▪ Notre Père ▪ Je Vous salue Marie ▪ Chorale du veilleur de J-S Bach ▪ Marche funèbre n°2.


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CD Tribute to our soldiers
CD Tribute to our soldiers