Les Invalides (anglais)

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Born from the desire of Louis XIV and His Secretary of State for War, Louvois, to provide a building capable of housing soldiers who were disabled or too old to serve, the Hôtel des Invalides was completed in 1671. The project, entrusted to the architect Bruant, is part of that charitable and social trend of the 17th century and il proved to be an example for many other European countries. It was one of the most important achievements of Louis XIV after Versailles.
With many anecdotes and personal stories of soldiers, Guy Lehideux and Philippe Glogowski get us to discover the history of this building and the people who lived there and continue to do so today.


Edition en anglais
Guy Lehideux, Philippe Glogowski
Studio Leonardo (Coloriste)

Nombre de pages
Date de parution
22,5 x 31,5 cm
Editions du Signe
Librairie, Livres en anglais
Les Invalides (anglais)
Les Invalides (anglais)

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