Napoleon microfiber wipe

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Two models:
- in black: black background and golden motifs (N of Napoleon, bees and imperial crown)
- in white: white background and blue motifs (eagle crowned with the imperial crown placed a N Napoleonic)

This emblem eagle dates from the First Empire; the name is feminine when it is a heraldic emblem, relating to the coat of arms. The eagle was chosen by Napoleon as emblem of the new regime, July 10, 1804. Symbol of power and majesty, he also represented many empires. Indeed, the eagle is in ancient Rome one of the attributes of the god Jupiter and the insignia of the legions for example.

With the eagle, the bee is the second emblem of Napoleon I. Napoleon's choice for this symbol is certainly due to the fact that the animal evokes organization and work, but it also recalls the discovery, in the 17th century, of the tomb of the Merovingian king Childeric I, in which we find gold insects but that scholars call "bees". Napoleon thinks in this way to be associated to the first dynasties of the French royalty by choosing this emblem.


Collection for Musée de l'Armée - Invalides
Washable with 30°C without polishing substance.

Napoleon microfiber wipe
Napoleon microfiber wipe

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