Statuette Napoleon on his horse color


Colored oxolyte statuette, after the famous painting by Jacques-Louis David: "Bonaparte crossing the Col du Grand Saint-Bernard" (Château de la Malmaison).

It commemorates the victorious passage, in May 1800, of the Grand-Saint-Bernard pass by the reserve army under the leadership of the First Consul, the first stage of his triumphant reconquest of Italy. With great daring, Bonaparte played the surprise by crossing a pass deemed impractical in spring. He revived the feat of the great captains of the past: Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants in 218 during the Second Punic War; and Charlemagne, in his turn, in 773, in his fight against the Lombards. According to tradition, he wanted to be represented "calm on a fiery horse," although he had crossed the pass on a mule. Moreover, the First Consul did not pose for the painting: David worked in the workshop, with mannequins; for the dress, according to custom, he took a model from a dress loaned by the First Consul, the one he wore at the battle of Marengo.


29 x 22 x 11 cm

Decoration, Reproduction
Statuette Napoleon on his horse color
Statuette Napoleon on his horse color