Diorama The gunners of the Guard


The CBG Mignot workshop has been perpetuating for nearly 200 years the great tradition of lead soldiers, a fundamentally artisanal know-how. Each figurine is always cast, mounted and meticulously painted by hand by expert craftsmen, according to ancestral processes where the hand and eye of the worker have kept their privileges. Soldiers, firefighters, circus artists, Cadre Noir riders, nativity scene characters... The CBG Mignot collection includes more than 12,000 subjects, historical figures, contemporaries, animals and decors.

CBG Mignot
made in France
deluxe edition


Each figurine was cast, mounted and meticulously hand painted according to ancestral processes, with awareness and know-how.

This artisanal aspect makes that no figurine is similar to another and that each one of them is, in a way, an original.

Decoration, Reproduction
Diorama The gunners of the Guard
Diorama The gunners of the Guard