Bust of Napoléon Bonaparte - Boizot

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This old bronze event is based on one of Bonaparte's busts, which the Sèvres factory was publishing. It was at the beginning of the year 1798 that Boizot, then chief artist of the manufacture, gave the plaster model of the bust of General Bonaparte.

Although Boizot certainly did not see Bonaparte, contemporary evidence proves the great similarity of the work with the model: the long hair, emaciated face are those of the young conqueror when he returned from the first Italian campaign in December 1797. He wears the uniform of the Republic General embroidered with oak leaves and acorns.

In 1800, Boizot executed for the manufacture of Sèvres a bust of Bonaparte in Consul's uniform, slightly different from this copy.


Dimensions: H. 29,5 cm L. 14 cm P. 10 cm
Material: Resin

Decoration, Reproduction
Bust of Napoléon Bonaparte - Boizot
Bust of Napoléon Bonaparte - Boizot

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