Eau de parfum Eugénie 100ml


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Exaltation of the grace and charm of refined women: unostentatious, delicate and penetrating beauty... beauty that conquers.

The perfume befitted Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III, who won over France and the whole of Europe with her charm, her smile and her elegance. Only the most refined and delicate essences, for a refined woman with kind soul and gentle ways.

1859 original formulation - 2007 new interpretation

Flowery, fresh, white flower and amber-scented
Head notes: Tangerine, Melon, Apple
Heart notes: Gelsomino, Violetta, Magnolia, Rose, Watery Notes
Base notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

Since the 17th century, Maison Rancé, originally from Grasse, was renowned for its mastery in the creation of scented gloves. Knowledge of the techniques of the Glover-Perfumers leads to the art of distillation and the blending of essences. Thus was born, in 1795, the workshop of Perfumer - Distiller of François Rancé.


100ml / 3,4 fl.oz
Height : 406 g
Made in Italy

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Eau de parfum Eugénie 100ml
Eau de parfum Eugénie 100ml