La mesure de la force

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Western strategic thinking is struggling to define a credible line of action in the face of "new conflicts": it is torn between the temptation of the all-technological and the fascination for approaches from sociology, anthropology, ethnology etc. Now, technology is only one factor in the strategic equation, and the social sciences, while indispensable, can not replace basic military knowledge. This knowledge is at the heart of this book. The war remains the "chameleon" of which Clausewitz spoke: under ever-changing appearances, its essence does not change. The understanding of current conflicts requires knowing how to decipher the warlike forms of today according to the strategic principles of always. The authors of this book extend here their teaching at the School of War. Their permanent contact with the armed forces gives them the benefit of unequaled information on the current strategic evolutions - "hybrid wars", "strategy of fuzziness", competition for the high seas, robotization, militarization of outer space, cyberattacks , the return of the nuclear ... Their formation of historians of the strategy and the international relations allows them to replace these evolutions in the long duration of a reflection punctuated by the writings of Sun Tzu, Thucydide, Xenophon, Machiavelli, Napoleon, Clausewitz, Jomini , Mahan, Corbett, Foch, Douhet, Fuller, Castex, Lawrence, Liddell Hart, De Gaulle, and many others.


MARTIN MOTTE, ancien élève de l'École normale supérieure (Ulm), est directeur d'études à l'École pratique des hautes études (Université PSL).

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La mesure de la force
La mesure de la force