Histoire Secrète des SAS

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For many, the British Special Air Service is a myth. A formidable war machine whose members are at the very top of the military art, it remains one of the most eminent references in the field of special forces. "Who dares wins", "Here we lead, we follow or we get out of the way" or "They dare to surpass the others" are its mottos. Since its creation in the sands of the North African desert by David Stirling in 1941, the unit has carried out the most sophisticated and dangerous clandestine operations. The Munich tragedy, the conflict in Ireland, the war in Iraq... In the four corners of the world, the men of the SAS have been able to adapt to all threats and to be at the forefront of the counter-terrorist fight. However, the shadow of mystery stubbornly hovers over the operations they have carried out... In the secrecy of their lair, what tactics and tricks have these exceptional men developed to accomplish their missions? What means did they use to surprise the enemy? And above all, how far are the "men in black" of Hereford prepared to go to achieve victory? Both a fascinating documentary and a reference book on British special forces, this book traces the greatest operations of the SAS and reveals the most secret side of the British military establishment.

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Histoire Secrète des SAS
Histoire Secrète des SAS