1559-1629 : Les guerres de religion


Nicolas Le Roux

1559-1629 was a dramatic sequence for the kingdom of France, deeply divided by the religious question. Protestants constituted about 10% of the French population in the early 1560's. The monarchs were young men unable to rule by themselves or princes discredited in the eyes of their subjects. Despite the efforts of Catherine de Medici and the chancellor Michel de L'Hospital, who granted Protestants freedom of worship, the kingdom sank into chaos, exactions and battles followed one another and the violence culminated in 1572 with the Saint Bartholomew's Day. The Wars of Religion were an unprecedented time of crisis and the crucible of the absolute monarchy of the Ancien Régime. Henri IV managed to reconstitute the unity of the kingdom around the ideal of obedience to the royal figure and his son Louis XIII benefited from his successes to complete the creation of a powerful monarchy capable of imposing itself on the European scene.


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1559-1629 : Les guerres de religion
1559-1629 : Les guerres de religion