Jumper belt


Belt or jumper? These long ribbons to tie offer multiple possibilities.

Pascale Lion is an interior designer based in Paris. She teaches at the School of Decorative Arts. Metal mesh has been at the heart of his work since the early 2000s. After large-scale installations for architectural applications, it develops simple objects, both form and use, that invite matter into our daily lives. The jewels are an extension of this research.

Since the first basic necklaces, in 2009, the collection has conquered a faithful public, seduced by the minimalism of the drawing and the timeless beauty of the material. Also seduced by the quality of these durable and comfortable jewels, made in France. Today the OOOO collection has more than 100 references. It is distributed on 5 continents, in beautiful concept stores and large museums.


Fine mesh in stainless steel.
Finish: silver, polished stainless steel. Mattifies slightly over time.
Length 140 cm

Fashion / Accessories, Jewelry
Jumper belt
Jumper belt