Atlas Militaires Manuscrits


In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, while the major European cartographic workshops busy themselves with the edition of luxurious series of universal atlases for their most affluent clientele, it is as close to the ground as the military engineers patiently fashion their own design of the manuscript military atlas, in many ways more intimate and secretive. Although their works are still defined as "bound books of maps and plans", they adopt infinitely diverse forms, ranging from simple "ramas" of documents useful for the exercise of the profession to the "visit of places" commissioned by the military administration, through the sumptuous dedicatory collection. Drawn with pen and often washed with wash, these collections, conceived for strategic purposes, draw the unprecedented and always confusing portrait of the precision of provinces, countries, fortified cities and military works alternately defended or coveted by the monarchical state.

This richly illustrated book, which combines a historical study and a catalog raisonné supplemented with indexes of places and authors, presents for the first time, board by board, one of the most exceptional Ancien Régime map deposits. kept in the Île-de-France funds. An invaluable research tool for the history of cities, architecture and territories, it illuminates the whole process of reformation orchestrated in France between the reigns of Henry IV and Louis XV, while giving pride of place to European countries and the states of the Levant.

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Atlas Militaires Manuscrits
Atlas Militaires Manuscrits