L'Hôtel des Invalides


The Royal Hotel des Invalides is in Paris, the most prestigious achievement of Louis XIV. Built for the benefit of veterans of many wars in Europe throughout the reign, the hotel turned into monument to the king when Jules Hardouin - Mansart built the Chapel Royal. This, similar to a mausoleum - it has actually become when it carried the ashes of Napoleon I - subjugates the Parisian space.

Without renouncing to its original purpose, the monument has gradually consolidated its symbolic nature. Royal Chapel and burial crypt gradually erected in the Pantheon of military glory. The hospital who deserted the wings flanking the courtyard, these views have gradually affected the historical military collections - Artillery Museum and the Army Museum. As for the court itself and the Church of the Soldiers, the military chaplaincy cathedral, they have emerged over time as a key national celebrations theaters.

This is the history of this major set, as well as countless anecdotes that punctuate (the prelude to July the 14th, 1789, the laboratory Parmentier, the draft of a presidential residence ...) that renders this luxury item. His scientific direction was entrusted to Alexandre Gady; an original photographic campaign enriches the important documentary iconography (a total of nearly 300 reproductions mostly in color).


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L'Hôtel des Invalides
L'Hôtel des Invalides