Song box - La Marseillaise

son box - La Marseillaise

Music box with glass clear PVC with corrugated casing musical mechanism 18 note, crank with a red ball in resin, which can be inserted in a wooden box. By Kikkerland.

La Marseillaise is a patriotic song of the French Revolution adopted by France as national anthem by a first liver Convention for nine years from July 14, 1795 UP Empire in 1804, then in 1879 definitely under the Third Republic.

The first six verses are written by Rouget de Lisle in 1792 for the Rhine Army in Strasbourg, following the declaration of war from France to Austria. In this original context, the Marseillaise is a revolutionary war song, an hymn to freedom, a call for a general mobilization and patriotic, an exhortation to fight against tyranny and foreign invasion.

La Marseillaise is decreeded national song July 14, 1795 (26 Messidor Year III) by the Convention on the initiative of the Committee of Public hello. Abandoned in 1804 under the Empire and Replaced by the departure of Song, taken in 1830 during the revolution Is it the Three Glorious Who Louis-Philippe I Power door. Berlioz in June orchestration develops That is dedicating to Rouget de Lisle.

The Third Republic made the national anthem February 14, 1879 and in 1887 June "the official version" is ADOPTED in anticipation of the celebration of the Revolution Centennial. On 14 July 1915, Lisle Rouget ashes of the Invalides are transferees.

During the period of the Vichy regime, although it is always Either the national anthem, it is often Accompanied by Marshal song. Occupied zone, the German military command banned the playing and singing from 17 July 19413.

His character of national anthem is again affirmed in Article 2 of the Constitution October 27 1946 by the Fourth Republic, and in 1958 - by Article 2 of the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic.


Stainless steel
5 x 4 x 2,5 cm

5 x 4 x 2,5 cm
Kids, Games
Song box - La Marseillaise
Song box - La Marseillaise

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