Mirage model 1:48


The ASMP program starts in 1978 in order to have a Medium Range Air-Ground missile payload optimized for the future Mirage 2000 N. Pending the commissioning of the new bomber, it was decided to transform the Mirage IVA model PVI, known version of penetration, also capable of carrying the CT52 reconnaissance pod with cameras and infrared thermography system. The first operational squadron takes alert to Mont-de-Marsan on 1 May 1986 with the new supersonic missile with nuclear warheads, load may be replaced by a conventional explosive designed to give a warning shot inhibitor. From July 1988, the Mirage 2000N Luxeuil take over. Until their withdrawal in June 2005, the Mirage IVP still in use will be confined to the role of strategic reconnaissance aircraft.


80 pieces
From 14 years

Model length 48.7
24.6 model Width
Height mock -
45.4 Width box
Height box 25
Depth box 6.6
Ceiling: 16500m
Armament: 1 ASMP missile
Engines: 2 reactors SNECMA "ATAR 9K" 6600 DaN
Speed: Mach 2.2 at 11000m
Crew: 1 pilot, navigator 1

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Mirage model 1:48
Mirage model 1:48