Cards game - Coat of arms


Dusserre Edition, Paris

2 games in 1 !
(Happy 9 families and 54 playing cards for Bridge, Belote, Rami, Canasta, Crapette, etc ..)

According to the first specialist card games, Jesuit, Fr. Ménestrier (1631-1705), the card game symbolically represented the structure of feudal society. First we find there the four traditional monarchies figured by the four kings "Jewish" with David (spades); "Greek" with Alexander (Clover), "Roman" with Caesar (diamonds); and "French" with Charlemagne (Heart). The ladies evoke the sovereignty of the four virtues: power, beauty, wisdom and piety. As correspond to the financial; the servants, the homes of war.
The weapons would be designated by the pikes; property and homes of the bourgeoisie, the tiles; agricultural wealth, by the clover; ecclesiastical funds hearts because "men of the Church are always men of heart."


Deck of 54 cards
Age Minimum : 14 years old
9 x 6,6 x 2,2 cm

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Cards game - Coat of arms
Cards game - Coat of arms