World War II Infographics


Directed by Jean Lopez, with the collaboration of Nicolas Aubin and Vincent Bernard, and superbly staged by the data designer Nicolas Guillerat, this exceptional book, both in its form and its content, is the fruit of the association of complementary skills brought together for the first time. It starts from an observation: the mass of data available on the Second World War has never been so important, but it has become difficult to give it meaning and, above all, to report on it to a wide audience. It was therefore necessary to invent, in a historical approach and by drawing on the best international sources, a form allowing both to process the mass of data (data) available and to make them intelligible to the greatest number. This form is computer graphics. And the result is breathtaking, whether it's renewing our knowledge, visualizing the main lines of the conflict, easily understanding complex phenomena or simply connecting aspects of the war that have been broken down so far.


Thames & Hudson

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30 x 23 cm
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World War II Infographics
World War II Infographics