Normandy June 44 v.5 Juno Beach (anglais)

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During the second world war, Canada paid a heavy price during the liberation of Europe. In August 1942, for lack of landmarks, the landing of Dieppe, called "Operation Jubilee", ended in a bitter failure and huge losses ... But finally, it proved to be full of lessons since it allowed the Allied staff to prepare another: the "Operation Neptune" of the "Overlord plan" which, it was going to be decisive ... On June 6, 1944, Canadian soldiers landed on the sands of Juno Beach. For them, nothing would ever be the same again. And yet ... Almost all these young guys were volunteers! It is one of those survivors who, twenty-five years later, participates in a program on the memory of these events. It happens on "RADIO MONTREAL" and the emotion is in the rendezvous in the studio.

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Normandy June 44 v.5 Juno Beach (anglais)
Normandy June 44 v.5 Juno Beach (anglais)