Normandy June 44 v.3 Gold Beach (english)


Keystone of the landing, the artificial port of Arromanches code named "Mulberry B", is a brilliant invention designed by the British to route to Normandy all the equipment that the armies would need after disembarkation. From his conception, in England, to its optimal use, through the throes of the great storm which partially destroyed it, Jimmy, civil engineer specialized in harbor engineering, lived everything. This foolish operation on which depended the fate of the landing, he participated ... He tells this in a book written in 1944. He talks about the obstinacy of soldiers and men of engineering, but also of these fishermen of Port -en-Bessin who helped rebuild the artificial harbor when everything seemed lost. Today, forty years later, this album leads us to the Arromanches museum where Linda, an English teenager, opening Jimmy's book, becomes aware of the crucial role of this operation, in the story of the landing and discovers, how his family history crosses great history ...

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Normandy June 44 v.3 Gold Beach (english)
Normandy June 44 v.3 Gold Beach (english)