Super Puma AS 332 M1 model

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Aerospatiale's AS 332 M1 mid-sized, twin-engined helicopter is basically designed for tactical transport. Its discreetness and maneuverability translate into reduced vulnerability and increased sureness and survivability, making it an all-purpose helicopter for ground support and medical transport missions.


Crew: 1 pilot, 1 flight engineer
Length: 18.70 m _ Height: 4.92 m
Rotor diameter: 16.20 m
Maximum weight: 9 350 kg
Engines: 2 Turbines Turbomeca Malika 1 A1 1902 hp each
Cruising speed: 260 km/h
Autonomy: 2h30 / 898 km

Number of pieces: 78
Model Length 26
Age: 14 years old
Difficulty: Intermediate

Kids, Figurines
Super Puma AS 332 M1 model
Super Puma AS 332 M1 model