Label pin Napoleon Eagle


This emblem eagle dates from the First Empire; the name is feminine when it is a heraldic emblem, relating to the coat of arms. The eagle was chosen by Napoleon as emblem of the new regime, July 10, 1804. Symbol of power and majesty, he also represented many empires. Indeed, the eagle is in ancient Rome one of the attributes of the god Jupiter and the insignia of the legions for example.
It is to this ancient eagle, majestic and stylized, that Napoleon wished to refer, and not to the heraldic eagle present on the arms of the Holy Roman Empire, the Russian Empire or the Kingdom of Prussia. The choice of Napoleon was also made in memory of the eagle of Charlemagne to which he wished to be associate with to sit his new regime.


Collection for Musée de l'Armée - Invalides
Colors: golden and black
Size : 28 x 15 mm

Label pin Napoleon Eagle
Label pin Napoleon Eagle