French helmet Adrian 14-18

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Helmet of the hairy became the French symbol of the First World War. It appears on many French monuments commemorating the Great War.

Proposed by the sub-intendant Louis Adrian and adopted by the general headquarters in April 1915, the helmet was ordered to thousands of copies in June 1915. Its manufacture is entrusted to the Japy establishments as well as to other industrialists specialized in tinning. This diversity of manufacturers explains some differences in some parts of the helmet (pointed crest or rounded crest, different weapon badge, etc). Complicated to make and fragile, this helmet was nevertheless a success.
It is not revolutionary in combat, but it provides additional security for the wearer: it protects it from stones and other debris projected on the battlefield and can deflect some projectiles

At the end of the war, this helmet, made to more than 20 million copies, is popular in France and abroad; it remains so until the Second World War (in a modified version). It is the helmet of victory, which equips the French army as well as contingents of various nationalities (black American soldiers, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Czech, etc.) but also several foreign armies (Belgium, Greece, Italy, etc.).


Stainless steel
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French helmet Adrian 14-18
French helmet Adrian 14-18