Napoléon the strategist
Exhibition from April 6 to July 22, 2018

Alexander the Great, Caesar, Hannibal, Turenne, Frederick the Great... Napoleon. Via his extraordinary career, Napoleon Bonaparte added his own name to this list of the greatest military leaders. He was the ultimate strategist, mastering each campaign, brilliantly accommodating the intelligence and executing his decisions.

Clear-minded, organised, rapid in execution, flexible, unpredictable... These were General Bonaparte's battlefield skills, evident right from very first campaigns, and they led him to become Emperor Napoleon I. And using them, he brilliantly played three very different roles at the same time, namely, leader of men, leader of his armies and head of state.

Get inside the head of Napoleon the strategist. Follow him as a student. Understand his methods. Analyse his strengths and weaknesses. Learn about his influence and legacy. Get up close and personal with Napoleon, the man many at the time called "the God of war in person"...

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