Toute une histoire !


What is a museum made of? Its collections.

The exhibition «Une tout histoire! Les collections du musée de l'Armée» reveals a rich history, often unknown, sometimes unexpected.
These collections have continued to develop: from an exceptional chronological, geographical and typological diversity, they currently count nearly 500,000 objects! They have grown, over the course of France's military, global and eventful history, according to the most varied modes of acquisition: donations, disposals, purchases, legacies, dates, preemptions, orders... Set in the prestigious setting of the Hôtel des Invalides, responsible for preserving the tomb of Napoleon I, the Musée de l'Armée, created in 1905, is now working on the collections of tomorrow.
On the strength of its MINERVE expansion and modernization project, it is pursuing an ambitious policy of acquiring objects, in order to better understand a world of wars in constant evolution.Come and meet these collections which, while contrasting but also in dialogues, give us another way of seeing our history and our current affairs.

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Toute une histoire !
Toute une histoire !