Churchill De Gaulle


The year 2015 is marked by a double commemoration: the 70th anniversary of the liberation and the victory over Nazism and the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Uniting Churchill and de Gaulle, these two statesmen with exceptional destinies, in a cross-exposure, not only to honor the winners of the Second World War, but also to discover all aspects, both public and private, of outsized characters, both military, public figures, writers, speakers and even, in the case of Sir Winston Churchill, journalist and painter.
The catalog publishes unpublished texts by 35 authors French and Anglo-Saxon, historians or curators and Churchillian Gaullist institutions, accompanying and contextualize nearly 240 objects, archival documents, paintings and uniforms gathered in exceptionally Churchill exhibition - de Gaulle.


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Churchill De Gaulle
Churchill De Gaulle

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