Perfumed Candle - Bouquet du Trianon


Perfumed Candle 180g (~40 hours). Vegetable wax based. Cotton wick.
Bouquet du Trianon is an original fragrance made of a unique blend of essential oils that Marie-Antoinette was particularly fond of, especially the tuberose that fascinated her.

On August 15, 1774, King Louis XVI makes a wonderful gift to his wife Marie-Antoinette : « You love flowers, I have a bunch to offer you : the Petit Trianon. » At Trianon, Marie-Antoinette created a haven of intimacy that allowed her to escape the etiquette. She indulged her taste for country-style patterns and pastel colors.
With its sensual floral and wooded scents, it expresses both the eclecticism and sophistication of Marie-Antoinette and subtlety evokes her personality.


Weight : 525g
50 hours

Perfumed Candle - Bouquet du Trianon
Perfumed Candle - Bouquet du Trianon