Cushion cover "N" black - Jules Pansu


Original creation of the Atelier Pansu, created in its workshops in Flanders by the "best workers of France" who perpetuate the art of weaving on jacquard loom.

The Pansu workshop was founded in 1878 by Jules Pansu. Settled in Halluin in French Flanders, cradle of the tapestry for more than 600 years, the Pansu workshop became the reference of the tapestry "Made in France". A team of highly qualified designers and weavers, including three "Meilleurs ouvriers de France", restore for you many of the masterpieces and motifs that have decorated centuries of French and European history. More than 125 years after its creation, the workshop continues to work on real Jacquard looms. Yet he did not forget to offer you his own creations as well as reproductions of paintings, more modern, but always with the same unparalleled know-how


Real tapestry/ cotton weaving on Jacquard loom
Style XVII and XVIII

Made in France
95% cotton 5% polyester
Zipper closure

45 x 45 cm
Cushion cover "N" black - Jules Pansu
Cushion cover "N" black - Jules Pansu

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