Saint-Exupéry T2 : Le royaume des étoiles

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  1. The adventure of Aéropostale is only a distant memory. While France falls into occupation, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry arrives in New York, where he hopes to convince Americans to intervene militarily. While waiting to be able to fly again, he devotes himself body and soul to the writing, drawing with nostalgia in his memories. From his nights of loneliness and deep melancholy is born in 1943 a tale for children - The Little Prince - who comes to bring in the middle of the war a little light, innocence and marvelous ... After discovering the adventurer, this second volume devoted to the last years of Saint-Exupéry presents us more the writer and one of his most beautiful works: The Little Prince.



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Saint-Exupéry T2 : Le royaume des étoiles
Saint-Exupéry T2 : Le royaume des étoiles

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