Napoelon Bonaparte, Volume 4


by Pascal Davoz, Jean Torton, Jacques Martin

Last chapter of Napoleon's chronic.
15 August 1811. Alexander, Tsar of all the Russias, his menacing mass armies on the borders of Poland. Napoleon takes the initiative and the Russian campaign begins. Despite his victories, the Grand Army is forced by the cold to retreat ... It is the Berezina ... Then very quickly the campaign in France where treachery succeeds is. Napoleon abdicated and went to the island of Elba.
Quickly the Bourbons of France are so hated that the return of the Emperor is a triumph. Alas, England, Prussia and Austria do not accept it, thousands of men approach the borders of France by Belgium Waterloo ! On the island of St. Helena where the "Bonaparte" is sent, which will pay the deadly poison in the glass of the Exiled ?

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Napoelon Bonaparte, Volume 4
Napoelon Bonaparte, Volume 4