Les Enfants de la Résistance Volume 3


Les Deux géants
Volume 3

Francis's dad was shot by the Nazis. After this ordeal, François, Lisa and Eusebius are more than ever determined to resume their resistance activities. Always hidden under the name of "LYNX", they carry out new missions, sometimes very dangerous, in collaboration with "PEGASE", an agent of London, which sees in them only small messengers. Francois's uncle, who hopes to return to the farm of his deceased brother, may be family, his opinions are not those of a resistant. He is a follower of Marshal Pétain and his intentions are not necessarily commendable ... With the entry of the USSR and the United States in 1941 into the war, it is an opportunity for François to take an interest to politics, communism and capitalism, and to understand the difficulty of organizing a just world where everyone would find their place.


Vincent Dugomier & Benoît Ers

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22.2 x 29.5 cm
Le Lombard
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Les Enfants de la Résistance Volume 3
Les Enfants de la Résistance Volume 3