Les enfants de la Résistance Volume 2


Premières répressions
by Vincent Dugomier & Benoît Ers

With the impact of their actions, Francis, Eusebius and Lisa are not the only ones to rebel against the German occupiers; adults also come to this strength, including the mayor, the priest and parents and Eusebius Francis. While keeping their anonymity, young people are resistant again demonstrated extraordinary pellet linking adults to organize a French prisoners escaped passage system to the free zone. In parallel, the Germans strengthen their supervision and do not hesitate to resort to violence or even murder. Our heroes are directly confronted with death and racism. In France increasingly divided, small isolated sand they manage to stop the Nazi machine? '

22.2 x 29.5 cm
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Les enfants de la Résistance Volume 2
Les enfants de la Résistance Volume 2