Forces Speciales T1 1991 Tempête Du Desert

January 1991. The Americans launched Operation Desert Storm against the Iraqis who had just invaded Kuwait. Caught off guard, France had to intervene if it wanted to establish itself as a leader in the coalition, even though confusion reigned at the top of the French government. Pierre Joxe, the new Minister of Defense hastily appointed to replace Jean-Pierre Chevènement, was faced with a major challenge. But what strategy to adopt? In order to fulfill the mission entrusted to it, the French army, positioned in Saudi Arabia, still lacks information and reports a flagrant flaw in its intelligence services...

Based on confidential information collected directly from key players of the time (senior officers, politicians and journalists), this extremely well-documented comic book offers an unprecedented account of the birth of the French army's first real special forces. A story of action as well as psychology, but above all a story of men, against a background of foreign policy and governmental arm wrestling.

This comic book is based on an original idea by Benoît de Saint Sernin, president of the Cercle de l'Arbalète, whose mission is to promote the spirit of innovation of special forces operators and the companies that equip them.

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24cm x 32cm
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Forces Speciales T1 1991 Tempête Du Desert
Forces Speciales T1 1991 Tempête Du Desert