Au revoir là-haut - Comic book


by Pierre Lemaitre & Christian de Metter

The Prix Goncourt adapted in comics

An award-winning novel by the prestigious Prix Goncourt in 2013, "Au revoir là-haut" features two veterans of the World War I, which will bear the scars of it forever. A beautiful story adapted by its own author, Pierre Lemaitre, in comic format. An album inspired illustrated brilliantly by Christian de Metter (Blood Valentines, Shutter Island).

  1. After the war, the French society hardly makes place for former hairy become cumbersome and least glorious trafficking are rife. Albert Maillard, modest accountant, who saved the life of Edward Péricourt, just before the end of the fights, tries to keep them alive back in Paris. Edward, disfigured, refuses to reconnect with his family and imagine a giant scam to the nation to try to resume a life, elsewhere.
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Au revoir là-haut - Comic book
Au revoir là-haut - Comic book