Rois Et Reines De Tous Temps


From the grandeur of Egypt under Ramses II, to the constitutional monarchy of Elizabeth II of England, to the tragic destiny of Moctezuma, the splendors of the Great Catherine and the wars of Napoleon, here is the history of the great rulers of our world. Several hundred years after their reign, their name still resonates: whether they were eager for conquest or concerned for the well-being of their people, whether they pulled the strings in the shade or ruled in the sun, they alone symbolize the history of a country or a nation. This tour of the world of monarchs, from antiquity to today, highlights 50 prominent personalities from great kingdoms and empires, who have transformed their country and durably imprint their brand.


Author : Anne-Florence Lemasson
Illustrations: Dominique Ehrhard
Language : French

Number of pages
Publication date
39,2 x 1,5 x 19,8 cm
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Rois Et Reines De Tous Temps
Rois Et Reines De Tous Temps

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