Flambeau Chien de Guerre

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Flambeau, dog of war is an album for children all in pictures, realized in 1916 by the illustrator Benjamin Rabier. This heroic story of the Great War wanted to teach children and support the morale of the rear. The success of the book was such that Rabier realized, a few months later, probably one of the first cartoons in France, adaptation of this album. Like the ugly duckling, Flambeau is a very ugly puppy and abused by all. Rejected by the army, he went alone, as an amateur, to make war and saw, through many adventures, all the clashes, misfortunes and victories of the heroic hairy, until the well-deserved retirement of the tired soldier. This contemporary fiction of 14-18 - distanced by the recourse to the animal world, softened by its illustrated form - is a panorama of all that characterized the conflict. Its original form makes it an exceptional historical document, never reissued since 1916. The historian Annette Becker analyzes in the postface the phenomenon of "propaganda for children" and places the work in the context of the time. Flambeau is also an album to read and share with the family, a living document transmitting our historical legacy, which shows a stunning graphic inventiveness for the time, and already foreshadows what will be the comic: the clear line, the flat colors, the deconstruction of the regularity of the boxes. Only miss the bubbles ...


Benjamin Rabier

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Flambeau Chien de Guerre
Flambeau Chien de Guerre