Shadow Soldier

At the heart of the special forces

Striking the first blow, delivering hostages, carrying out targeted operations, neutralising terrorist leaders... General Christophe Gomart has lived through all these critical situations.
For the first time, a general recounts his thirty-five years of shadow wars: in Sarajevo in 1992, in Rwanda during Operation Turquoise in 1994, the hunt for war criminals in the former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan against the Taliban in 2001, in Libya during Operation Harmattan against Gaddafi in 2011, in Mali during Operation Serval in 2013, and in the Middle East in support of the Kurds against Daech...
As a man of action and reflection, the former commander of the special forces takes us through the political decision-making as much as the field operations. He also retraces that part of our history where, sometimes, truth and glory do not mix, questioning in passing and without any tongue in cheek the role of France as the world's policeman.

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Shadow Soldier
Shadow Soldier