Histoire Secrete Forces Speciales

From the Falklands to the Gulf War, from Africa to Kosovo, from Afghanistan to Iraq, special forces have been involved in all modern conflicts for the past twenty years. The versatility and discretion of these elite units, trained to conduct particularly dangerous operations, allow them to intervene in all situations and to accomplish missions that are considered "impossible".
They are the secret weapon of the staffs when everything is compromised. The special forces are composed of exceptional fighters and have equipment of the war at the cutting edge of technology. Popularized since the 1980's thanks to the American cinema, they still fascinate as much as ever. This book, by the best French specialist on the subject, describes their training, their modes of action and their incredible secret operations.
It evokes in turn the French, American, British, Russian, Israeli special forces and those of many other countries. An essential work to understand the role of these particular units which are more and more solicited to face the terrorist threats and the sudden and violent crises which shake the planet.

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Histoire Secrete Forces Speciales
Histoire Secrete Forces Speciales