Forces Spéciales : histoire, unités, matériels

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"COS personnel go to the extreme. "General Maurice Le Page, creator of the COS
The Special Forces (SF), originally created by the Free French during the Second World War, are military units from the three components of the French army: land, sea and air. Since 1992, they have been coordinated by the COS (Command of Special Operations) and carry out special operations, often in dangerous areas.
As guarantors of our security, the special forces are indispensable, but they are not well known by the general public. Thanks to numerous exclusive and unpublished testimonies from soldiers of all ranks and specialities, Jean-Marc Tanguy introduces us to these joint units.
Richly illustrated with photos taken in the field, this book reveals the history and origins of the special forces, their main interventions (Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Syria, etc.), and the jobs they offer.
Preface by Jean-Michel Jacques, vice-president of the defence commission of the French National Assembly, former naval commando nurse.


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Forces Spéciales : histoire, unités, matériels
Forces Spéciales : histoire, unités, matériels