Tote bag Impossible is not french


Quote often repeated by the French in an aggressive context, such as sports or entrepreneurship, it is also a symbol of honor and patriotism that can motivate, and recalled that the duty of every French is serving with the size France anytime, anywhere, even to the ultimate sacrifice.

We read these words in a letter from Napoleon to General Count 1 Le Marois, dated July 9, 1813.

After beating beautiful way the Russian and Prussian armies in May 1813 * Napoleon 1st obtained the armistice in June. This truce was a favorable moment to reorganize the army and ensure the replenishment of the units of food and equipment. In early July, he found that the food in Dresden stock reserved for horses of the Imperial Guard was virtually exhausted. Knowing the city of Magdeburg had substantial grain reserves, he asked the General Count Le Marois, governor of the city, to send part. But the latter replied that it was impossible. On July 9, Napoleon 1st replied by:

** It is not possible, do you write? This is not French **

What could have been later converted into "impossible is not French."

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Tote bag Impossible is not french
Tote bag Impossible is not french