The Grand Atlas of Napoleon 250th anniversary edition

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On May 18, 1804, the Senate proclaimed Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of the French under the name of Napoleon I. By a plebiscite, the French accepted this new change and rallied behind this Corsican general who knew how to win their hearts by his actions and his speeches. Its rise and hegemony over Europe will know no bounds for ten years.

The main stages in the life of this exceptional man are traced, from his childhood in Corsica to his death in Saint Helena. We learn how he became a military engineer, and an exceptional statesman, visionary and with an extraordinary political sense. With it will be laid the foundations of a modern society. He was in fact the instigator of the Civil Code, or of major university reforms. More than an instrument of conquest, the Grand Napoleonic Army is above all the most complete expression of Napoleon's genius. The functions of each corps, the Guard and the General Cavalry Reserve, their development and their role are detailed in detail. Finally, you will go on a campaign alongside Bonaparte, and understand his subtle art of strategy. Using a map detailing the movements of the opposing forces, you will visualize the secrets of each great battle. You will re-read the story of Rivoli's victory in 1797 against the Austrians, a masterpiece of military strategy.
Fascinating and superbly illustrated, this large Atlas is a work which proves to be essential for all those who want to explore Napoleon.

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The Grand Atlas of Napoleon 250th anniversary edition
The Grand Atlas of Napoleon 250th anniversary edition