Relire De La Guerre De Clausewitz

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Carl von Clausewitz died more than 170 years ago. Yet, despite the expiry verdicts constantly on his work, often under the effect of simplistic cartoons, his influence has never been so important. It is the whole contemporary strategic discourse that uses the concepts elaborated by the Prussian general, under the influence notably of the American thought which rediscovered it in the aftermath of the Vietnam war. That is why it is essential to return today to the original ideas of the treaty De la guerre to decipher the ongoing debates on the meaning and conduct of conflicts, and to propose a European strategy in keeping with the culture of the old continent.

This is what demonstrates this book, before proposing a concise and systematic summary of Clausewitz's major work, which, with its thematic index, will be a valuable work tool for all those wishing to enter further into the study. of the thought of the Prussian philosopher.


Author: Benoît Durieux

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Relire De La Guerre De Clausewitz
Relire De La Guerre De Clausewitz