French army 1940


This, the thirteenth book in the "Officers and Soldiers" collection, shows the French Army during the Phoney War and the French Campaign in May-June 1940. Continuing the work - started two years ago by André Jouineau in the two volumes dealing with the 1914-1918 armies - given over to an almost exhaustive survey of French Army uniforms and outfits during the two World Wars, this volume shows almost sixty color plates with no less than 300 uniforms, several dozen insignia and equipment illustrations.

Particular attention has been paid to the description of the combat groups and the servants of the unit weapons.

André Jouineau, figurines maker and collector, has worked with Histoire & Collections for more than 16 years. His uniforms plates, which have been fully carried out using data processing, have made him a pioneer in this field.


ISBN-10: 2352501792
ISBN-13: 978-2352501794

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French army 1940
French army 1940