Napoleon Et Bonapartisme


What is "Bonapartism" called? By dint of talking about it, one would almost forget the man who gave it its name. The celebrations of the bicentenary of Napoleon's death are an opportunity to revisit the destiny and political doctrine of the Emperor. Institutions, functioning of the state, organization of society ... Arthur Chevallier paints for us the picture of a founding period of contemporary France. From an unpublished analysis of the Empire, it is of a century between noise and fury that he traces the ideological fresco. If Bonapartism passes today for a right-wing doctrine because it is in the continuity of French expansionism, whose distant origins go back to Louis XII, it was initially in the wake of the policies conducted by the most left-wing governments: it is the nostalgic of the French Revolution who, from the 1820s, invoked the memory of Napoleon to restore the ideals of 1789. An invigorating essay that shows that, however authoritarian he may have been, Napoleon was nonetheless the founder of what is now called the rule of law...


Author : Arthur Chevallier
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Napoleon Et Bonapartisme
Napoleon Et Bonapartisme