Moi, Napoléon Bonaparte

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"I, Napoleon Bonaparte, the most illustrious personage in the history of France, will tell you my story, my true story, not the legend.

Saint Helena: I have just dictated the Memoirs, the official version of my life, But I am writing secretly for posterity, another text. Destined to be published only a long time after my death, this story tells the whole truth about my epic. "

These are unpublished memories that are unearthed today. Scholar but also sensitive and tinged with humor to black mood, the text of Robert Colonna d'Istria is an original and delicious but well documented approach of Napoleon.

A fictional autobiography in which the Emperor reveals unknown aspects of his life. The text is illustrated with reproductions and accompanied by forty facsimiles of historical documents (birth certificate, officer's diploma, letters or mission orders). © Electre 2018


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Moi, Napoléon Bonaparte
Moi, Napoléon Bonaparte