Missions extrêmes : le GIGN Et L'EPIGN en opération


February 1976, the gendarmerie is deployed to release hostages in Djibouti with the Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie (GIGN) created by Lieutenant Christian Prouteau. Its sister unit, the Paratrooper Intervention Squadron of the National Gendarmerie (EPIGN), then develops a competence of protection of diplomats in war zone. In 2007, GIGN and EPIGN were merged into a single GIGN of 400 men and women, whose level of employment abroad was further increased. This unpublished book illuminates the less enlightened side of the GIGN, that is to say that of the missions carried out abroad. The latter, however, are just as risky as those made in France because of the isolation of gendarmes in the war zone and are especially much more numerous. Protection of diplomats in the war zone, hunt for war criminals in the Balkans or mercenaries in the Comoros, release of hostages in Djibouti and the Indian Ocean, pursuit of jihadists in Afghanistan ... GIGN and EPIGN participated in all this since their creation, and this, most often in the greatest discretion. Jean-Marc Tanguy has met several dozens of GIGN and EPIGN alumni since 1996, some giving him some anecdotes and others giving much more anonymity so that the commitment of their comrades is known. . Among those who were able to testify openly, former leaders Denis Favier and Frédéric Gallois.

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Missions extrêmes : le GIGN Et L'EPIGN en opération
Missions extrêmes : le GIGN Et L'EPIGN en opération

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