Mademoiselle De Maupin


I've fallen in love with a beauty in pourpoint and boots, a proud Bradamante who disdains the clothes of her sex, and leaves you at times floating in the most disquieting perplexities; - her features and body are indeed the features and body of a woman, but her mind is unquestionably that of a man. My mistress is a first-rate swordswoman, and would be proud of the most experienced provost marshal; she has fought I don't know how many duels, and killed or wounded three or four people... Singular qualities for a mistress!


Author: Théophile Gautier
Publisher: Gallimard
Year of publication: 2004
Dimensions: 11,0 cm × 18,0 cm × 2,0 cm
Number of pages: 440

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Mademoiselle De Maupin
Mademoiselle De Maupin