L'empire Colonial Francais


After being, for four centuries, a dominant power, France's influence has steadily declined since 1940. However, he importance of French culture is still considerable today. The Francophone community represents 274 million people spread over five continents, the legacy of a huge colonial empire. The discovery and colonization of these territories is an epic far more complex than most books and textbooks explain: unquestionable educational and health work has led to the eradication of equatorial diseases, unprecedented demographic progress, construction of gigantic infrastructure and, after 1848, a fight against slavery well forgotten today, but it also gave rise to a share of commercial, political and philosophical exploitation ... Far from any spirit of repentance and autoflagellation , this book aims to reconcile the French with their colonial history, a reflection of a plural and open France, calmly explaining the diversity of our society.
In this globalized world which is ours, the richness of this past is an extraordinary chance for the France of tomorrow, because this history of France, it is also the history of the world to come ...

25,0 cm × 31,8 cm × 2,3 cm
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L'empire Colonial Francais
L'empire Colonial Francais

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