Atlas of Paris at the time of Napoleon

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Irène Delage
Chantal Prévot

Displayed at the heir of Charlemagne, Napoleon wanted to build an empire beyond the Carolingian. And Paris, he heard it the capital of that empire. It was thus the first city planner, is using to modernize and beautify the city.
Improving street lighting, digging sewers, lifting markets and halls, fueling numerous fountains ... the Emperor changed the lives of Parisians. But it is also auspicious that he dreamed; it aménagea splendid walks, built palaces and monuments, restored in other ...
At the same time, the Bonaparte clan invested palaces of royalty while general of the Grand Army stood in the hotels of the old aristocracy: it is in opulence, luxury and grandeur that was to be celebrated the Napoleonic legend.


ISBN : 9782840967637

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Atlas of Paris at the time of Napoleon
Atlas of Paris at the time of Napoleon