Hand embroidered "Bee" brooch

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Inevitable: our small hand-embroidered cannetille pins take inspiration from the precision and quality of military embroideries. A small but precious object, chic, fun, off-the-wall, sometimes colored or articulated... Treat yourself!

They tell stories. Stories about materials and textures, sewn stories, unstitched and undone, their stories, other people's, and the ones they enjoy inventing. This is what Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy have been doing through their collections of accessories since 2009. Their experience together in design has left them with an everlasting bustle of ideas and an awareness of techniques. Now sharing their activity between Paris and Granville, they design off-the-wall yet always elegant accessories, subtly matching the useful and beautiful, boldness and humor.


Bee's size : approximately 35X25mm.
Item packed to unit on a little black card.
Attention: hand-embroidery is fragile. Do not wash.

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Hand embroidered "Bee" brooch
Hand embroidered "Bee" brooch